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That's why we call ourselves MaxFires.

If you’re searching for campaigns with the best rates in the performance marketing industry, search no further. We sift through all offers that come our way, so only the best make it on the network. No matter your traffic type, we have the right mix of great high paying and high converting offers to maximize your affiliate earnings.


MaxFires is the one true affiliate network built specifically with affiliates in mind. Over a decade of improvements have led to robust tracking, rapid payments and cost savings passed on to our affiliates in the form of higher rates and frequent promotions. Your success is our success.



The diversity of campaigns available to affiliates on MaxFires is one of our strengths. Whether your preferred model is CPA, CPL, Mobile, or Pay Per Call, we have over 200+ campaigns for you to choose from in wide ranging verticals such as market research, diet, dating, finance, real estate, social games, and more.


If it’s a hot sought-after campaign, we’ll have it, with options for both domestic and foreign traffic.


MaxFires is the only network to offer new affiliates a $1,000 performance-based bonus. Simply earn a minimum of $1,000 per month in your first three months on our network, and you’ll receive this bonus automatically on your fourth.

We are committed to seeing you succeed and will assist you in any way we can to help you claim your new affiliate bonus.



Ramping up traffic is expensive, and cash-flow is important to affiliates. MaxFires pays weekly, like clockwork, to facilitate your traffic buys. In fact, we were the first network to offer weekly payment by default to all affiliates.


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